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Construction Waste Solutions: Construction Dumpster Rental & Waste Removal in Aurora, CO

No matter what the project details, construction jobs involve a lot of refuse, and the more work to be done means more waste will be created. 5280 Waste Solutions has a whole fleet of roll off dumpsters that can be rented for use at contracting sites around Aurora. We have construction dumpsters of all sizes to accommodate all work types and waste loads, from small remodel projects to large scale builds. Our dumpster rental service is fast and affordable, brought to you by a local company that is eco-conscious and committed to making trash easier on Aurora’s environment.

Sizes of Roll Off Dumpsters for Renting

  • 10-yard: 6’ wide x 11.5’ long x 5.25’ high, holds up to 2 tons of debris, 5-day
  • 12-yard: 8’ wide x 16’ long x 3.5’ high, holds up to 5 tons of debris, 7-day
  • 20-yard: 8’ wide x 23’ long x 4.5’ high, holds up to 5 tons of debris, 7-day
  • 30-yard: 8’ wide x 23’ long x 6’ high, holds up to 5 tons of debris, 14-day
  • 40-yard: 8’ wide x 23’ long x 8’ high, holds up to 5 tons of debris, 7-day
  • Construction Waste Removal – Recycling

    Our company prides itself in being environmentally friendly and offering recycling services that go along with dumpster rental in order to help our clients make sure their rubbish is responsibly disposed of. Construction sites in Aurora generate a lot of waste and leftover materials that are recyclable, but many contractors don’t bother because of the time and effort it takes to sort refuse. 5280 Waste Solutions offers this service in Aurora so that all they have to do is dump everything into their rented construction dumpster and let us handle it from there.

    Prohibited Items List for Bins in Aurora

    Part of our efforts to help the environment is only accepting waste that is neither hazardous or toxic. While many essential structural elements can be thrown away, you have to think about things they could have been treated with or adhesives and chemicals they contain. Some of the things that are not eligible for construction waste removal in Aurora are items with asbestos, fluorescent lights, thermostats, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, caulks, glues, cement, propane tanks, fiberglass, appliances, and any radioactive materials.

    Get in Touch With 5280 Waste Solutions

    Regardless of the kind of waste you’re dealing with in Aurora, 5280 Waste Solutions carries a full inventory of roll-off dumpsters to suit your needs. When you require construction waste removal in Aurora, contact the professionals at 5280 Waste Solutions.