FAQs | 5280 Waste Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Areas do you Service?
Longmont to Castle Rock
How fast can I get a delivery?
24 Hour Guaranteed Delivery
How many days of dumpster service am I allowed?
5280 Waste Solutions offer a variety of service packages ranging from 3 to 10 days, each priced differently. The rates may change with the season or based on the availability of our containers. Be sure to always check our website for the latest offers and specials and call us at 720-884-0300 for a quote.
What can't I put in my 5280 Roll away Dumpster?
By law, 5280 Waste Solutions cannot accept any toxic/hazardous waste. Here is a list of prohibited items and where you might find them on your property.

Items you might find in your garage:

Antifreeze Auto body filler Batteries (automobile and motorcycle) Brake fluid Car cleaners, waxes, and chrome polish Carburetor cleaner Diesel fuel Engine degreaser Gasoline Oil (used or unused) Oil filters Power steering fluid Radiator flushes Tires Transmission fluid

Items from the garden:

Fertilizers Fungicides Herbicides Insecticides Pesticides Roach and ant killers Rodent poison Soil fumigants Weed willers

Items you might find in your house:

Abrasive cleaners Aerosols and aerosol cans Ammonia-based cleaners Asbestos roofing tar Batteries (non-alkaline) Bleach cleaners Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) Cosmetics Degreasers Deodorizers Disinfectants Drain openers/cleaners Floor cleaner and wax Fluorescent bulbs and tubes Fluorescent lamp ballasts Furniture polish Kerosene and lamp oil Laundry products Mercury switches Metal cleaners Moth balls Nail polish and remover Oven cleaner Pool chemicals Propane/compressed gas cylinders Rug and upholstery cleaner Rust and spot remover Silver cleaners Thermometers Thermostats Batteries

Pet, hobby and paint items:

Adhesives Caulks, glues, and cement Chemistry sets Driveway sealer Flea collars Flea powder, sprays, and shampoo Helium tanks Lacquer and stain Mineral spirits Model airplane paint Paint (latex and oil-based) Paint remover/stripper Paint thinners Photographic chemicals and solutions Propane tanks Resins, fiberglass, and epoxy Rubber cement thinner Rust proofing products Turpentine Varnishes Wood preservatives Special waste:

Ammunition Appliances (including those containing freon) Asbestos insulation, tile, and linoleum Computers Cooking oil/grease Electronic equipment Fire extinguishers Fireworks and flares Medical waste Mobile phones and tablets Needles, syringes, and lancets Prescription drugs Radioactive materials Smoke detectors
Is there a weight limit on my container?
Most containers have a 5-ton weight limit. Please be aware of how much heavy material you are loading, such as dirt, rock, concrete, brick, sod, shingles, or asphalt. Overweight loads are charged at $50/ton over the weight limit included with your service.
Can I fill my container to the top?
By law, 5280 Waste Solutions is required to tarp each load for transport, so all materials must fit inside your roll-off dumpster. Nothing may overflow the top of the container. All materials that exceed the container top must be removed. We cannot pick up a container that is overfilled.